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Marball Rampage is a game about defying gravity. Roll, jump, slide, fall and fly through the game with levels from very easy to really hard that I had some trouble with them! This game is perfect for people of all ages and skill levels. It is a good time-waster, but also very fun. It is very smooth and can run on nearly, if not all types of computers. Can you beat all the levels and help the "Ninja Ball" survive them? Well what are you waiting for? Charge!


W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys to move Fowards, Left, Down, or Right.

Space Bar to jump.

Press 'R' to restart the current level.

Hold Space to climb up surfaces.

Do not touch anything that has a red X in the middle!

Try to reach the finish line, as soon as you step off it you will be transported to the next level.

Please Report all bugs. This game is in Alpha, so it might be buggy!

The game is not finished, so if there is a lack of levels, more are on their way!

Update Log (V0.3.0)

  • Added a new City level
  • Added a new splash; "OCD Killing!"
  • Added a skybox to the void levels!
  • Added Boss fights for all finshed level sets!
  • Added two new "Balls"!
  • Added a new main menu music - "Get Hyper" By Droideka
  • Improved the music on the Training level.
  • Added a quit button!
  • Fixed the aspect problem - Just select the maximum pixels when starting the game.
  • Changed the Main Menu background back to the original.
  • Changed the Skybox for the Level Selection.
  • Fixed the world ball!
  • Even Better layout designs!

Update Log (V0.25)

  • Added 3 City levels!
  • Added the new ball; the World ball!
  • Started work on a new 'Mini Game' levels!
  • Added random splashes feature, which says a different word each time you open up the main menu!
  • Added the 'Restart Level' option, which basicly means that by pressing 'R', you can restart the level.
  • Bug Fixes!
  • WAY Better designs!
  • EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update Log (V0.24)

  • More levels!
  • More Balls!
  • Added Achievements!
  • Started work on a new world, City!
  • Added a tutorial
  • Added Very Long Level (WIP)
  • Changed the Main Menu Splash
  • Added an intro!
  • Added Statistics!
  • Added and Option Menu!
  • Bug Fixes!
  • Better Designs!
  • And Even MORE!!!!!

In Game Achievements

  • Derp Ball - Fail 100 Times.
  • Super Golden Ball - Finish levels 50 times.
  • World Ball - Finish 10 levels.
  • Cube Ball - Reach 10,000 agility points.
  • Evil Sphere - Defeat the Evil Sphere in the first Boss battle.
  • *More Coming Soon*

Install instructions

Download Instructions

  1. First of all, you need to download the game, for free of course.
  2. Then you need to run the program inside the .zip folder.
  3. Then you need to extract the contents of the folder (Don't worry, your computer should offer to do that when you open the program).
  4. Open the new folder that you made automatically when you extracted the folder.
  5. Open the game. You know if you have done the previous steps properly, when the game icon is the Marball Rampage icon.
  6. Once the game is open, your computer (If you have windows especially) might say that the game has a security risk. I assure the game is fine. Just click more details, then allow run, or something that is along those lines, and then you can play!
  7. When you start the game, you might want to select the largest layout, to avoid any button bugs.


Marball Rampage Alpha V0.3.6 MAC.zip 55 MB
Marball Rampage V0.3.5 Alpha WINDOWS.zip 52 MB
Old Marball Rampage Alpha V0.3.1 WINDOWS.zip 44 MB
Old Marball Rampage Alpha V0.3.1 MAC.zip 46 MB
Old Marball Rampage Alpha V0.3.0 WINDOWS.zip 44 MB
Old Marball Rampage Alpha V0.3.0 MAC.zip 46 MB
Old Marball Rampage Alpha V0.25 WINDOWS.zip 35 MB
Old Marball Rampage Alpha V0.25 MAC.zip 38 MB
Old Marball Rampage Alpha V0.24 WINDOWS.zip 37 MB
Old Marball Rampage Alpha V0.21 WINDOWS.zip 22 MB
Old Marball Rampage Alpha V0.21 MAC.zip 25 MB

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